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About Us

We take extreme pride in employing the best work force with technical expertise and industry specific domain knowledge that enables us to execute techno critical projects in the specified time schedule without compromising on quality and safety. We are more trusted employer committed to health, safety and environment responsibility of our employees.

Our Vision

To be a leading construction and utility services company in terms of Knowledge, Quality, Pro-active service deliveries, High professional standards and values.

Our Mission

Northbay General on executing projects with high level of excellence and professionalism to deliver value that goes beyond our customer’s expectations and satisfaction.


Quality Policy

Northbay General Contracting Co L.L.C is committed to supplying infrastructure construction services of consistent quality that confirm fully with company and statutory requirements and in meeting our clients documented and implied expectations in terms of technical, budget and time compliance. Every staff member has the responsibility to ensure that the intentions of this policy statement are understood, applied and maintained within their own activity area.

Northbay General has made a commitment:
  • To use the disciplines of International standard to develop and maintain the processes needed to produce a level of construction and project management of a consistent standard of quality and at competitive cost.
  • To foster good relationship with clients by effective communications with clients and encouraging feedback.
  • To continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.
  • To document and measure quality objectives and targets through internal audit and management review.
  • To deliver construction services in accordance with the specifications and requirements of our clients.
  • That every employee constantly aims to improve the overall quality of company Services
  • By adopting this philosophy, the clients of Northbay General Co will be assured of a High Quality standard of completed projects and services in accordance with specifications and Contracts.
  • Give all personal adequate information and training to enable all task to be undertaken with a consistent standard of High quality.
  • Ensure that excellent relations between the Company and Employees are maintained.

Health, Safety & Enviroment Policy

  • Ensure the education, interest and awareness training of new employees in safe working methods before the assumption of duty.
  • Ensure that the organ’zation is a safe place, and the environment, facilities, equipment and substances are subject to safe systems of work to prevent risks tohealth or safety.
  • Promote personal responsibitity and effort on the part of everyone to avoid and prevent health hazards and injuries to themselves and to others who may be affected by their acts or omissions, and to co-operate with the organization to comply with its duties, requirements and statutory obligations.
  • Ensure the use of defensive driving techniques by car drivers and machinery operators.
  • Ensure that safety is a time management responsibitity.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Care are core values of Northbay General Contracting Co and a firm basis for our long-term success and business leadership. The health and safety of our employees, and environmental stewardship, continues to be the first consideration in the operation of our business. Our facilities share the common goals of safe and healthy work conditions, pollution prevention, conservation of natural resources, the reduction of green house gases and the implementation of effective waste management practices.
  • All injuries, illnesses and work-related incidents can and must be prevented. Each of us is responsible for achieving this goal. Safety, health and environmental care must be part of every operation.
  • We believe that no circumstance justifies a violation of health, safety, or environmental requirements or behaviors that neglect our employees.
  • Safe work is a mandatory condition of employment in our Company. without question it is every employee’s responsibility at all levels.
  • It is the intent of our Company to comply with all health, safety and environmental Local laws and other requirements.
  • We will maintain safety, health and environmental management programs conforming to the best practices of organizations of this type with a strong commitment to continual improvement. To be successful, such programs must embody the proper attitudes toward injury, illness and pollution prevention, not only on the part of supervisors and employees, but also between each employee and his or her co-workers. Only through such a cooperative effort can a health, safety and environmental program be established and preserved.
  • Maintaining open, two-way communications with employees on health, safety and environmental issues;
  • Driving continuous health, safety and environmental improvements at Companywork places, production units, and across facilities;
  • Taking into consideration the possible risks and requirements related to health safety and the environment when making management decisions.
  • Each employee, without regard to his or her position or profession, must:
  • Follow all safety and environmental requirements applicable to his or her work, including the proper use of personal protective equipment;
  • Immediately stop unsafe actions, without regard to who is performing them;
  • Take all applicable measures within his or her control to eliminate hazards which are discovered in order to protect peoples health and safety. If such measures are not possible the employee must report the hazards to his or her manager;
  • Immediately report to his or her manager all safety concerns related to the work being carried out, as well as, all incidents which present a hazard to people, production, or the environment.
  • Display and publicize this statement and review it at least bi-annually.